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The Checker application was created as a solution to a telecommunications customer's problem. For telecommunications companies, it improves and accelerates the sale of their services, acquires new customers, automates processes and provides clear visual reports. Checker was created over time as our application grew. At the beginning of the whole journey was our senior expert with 20 years of experience, who built the foundations of a web application on which the whole team could build. Over the months and years, both seasoned programmers and newcomers who are starting their careers on this product have joined the team.

Each member of our team brings diverse experience and capabilities, which when combined we are able to very well meet the business requirements of our customers, and this has helped us become a leader in the provision of services, supplies and solutions of OSS and Network inventory for telecommunications and infrastructure companies.

Within 3 years, innovative functionalities were created, which can be configured according to the necessary use of each customer. We were able to deploy our application to 4 customers on a production environment. We also managed to create a solution that will be scalable, very affordable even for smaller or local telecommunication service providers. We have developed a configuration tool that allows you to tailor the Checker web application to the customer and their data, and then automatically create and deploy an instance of our solution on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Our long-standing partnership with Cross Network Intelligence (CNI) continues, and just as we provide our customers with the CNI-owned CROSS product, CNI has added Checker, an exclusively SDC product, to its portfolio.

Team members

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Martin Skalický


Stanislav Báchor

Helpdesk support & Tester

Milan Ertel

Helpdesk support & Tester

Marek Smola

Project Manager

Tomáš Ptáčnik

Senior Software Specialist

Anna Ahopshuk

Software Developer

Maroš Karas

Software Developer

Pavel Kusý

Software Developer

Pavel Orawczak

Software Developer

Jiří Voráč

Solution Architect

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