Checker is a cloud-native application used to support the automation and efficiency of the sale of telco services.

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Sale of more profitable services
  • Automation of processes
  • Efective visual reporting
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What is Checker?

Checker is a product for the support of business activities within the process of providing services, which allows you to determine the availability of network resources, the possibility of providing services, or even find out their catalog prices.

Checker detects the availability of existing and planned network resources of fixed and mobile access networks. The graphical interpretation of this data is a basic building block of the Checker solution. The Checker enables quick identification of a potential consumption point in geographical space and immediate detection of the availability of network resources that can be used for the design, implementation and activation of the service for the end customer.

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Checker and the experience of our clients

„Checker has become a useful tool that has been used by O2 for over a year now, both by business units for indicative offers to customers and by technical departments for monitoring and possible network development.“


„Checker provides Service/Product availability check for mobile services, fixed LTE/NR services, fixed fiber services or Virtual Unbundling of Local Access. For product checker offers prioritization based on technology presence, commercial conditions ant its utilization KPI’s. Checker also provided support in sales area.”


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